Hardware Networking Solutions

Progressive Techno Solution has been providing different types of computer hardware and networking services to the Industries from last few years. It works with a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable people who have extensive knowledge and experience in the respective field. Progressive Techno Solution has successfully earned the trust and satisfaction of the customers. Progressive Techno Solution strives to become the most reliable computer hardware and networking service provider in the country.
Being a client focused organization, we undertake the responsibility of serving the best possible products to the customers ensuring to follow stringent measures of quality testing.
Computer Hardware is the combination of physical components or parts that makes the computer system. Physical components include monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard disk drive, graphic card, RAM, motherboard, etc.
Interconnections of two or more devices is called a Network. The communication between two or more devices is called Networking. Networking is the field of computer science that allows computers to exchange data or information. Data can be exchanged either using cable media or wireless media.
Routine computer maintenance can provide tremendous benefits while saving time and money.

We offer one of the most comprehensive and affordable support and maintenance packages in the industry.

We offer one of the best computer repair services, network support, other technical services and maintenance packages in the industry. We can provide everything from application development and business analysis to network design, implementation and support.

We are a full-service network consulting organization. Feel free to contact us for any information regarding networking.

We provide following networking services:

  • Server Deployment
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Entity Creation and Design
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • n-computing (Desktop virtualization)
  • SQL and MysQL server developments
  • Application Development
  • Database Programming and Administration
  • Server and Workstation Support
  • Server maintenance
  • Development
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Content Management Systems
  • Wide Area Networks
  • Local Area Networks
  • Internet Connectivity (Wifi)
  • Firewall and IPS Solutions
  • Hardware and Software Procurement
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Data Backup Solutions
  • Content Filtering and Reporting
  • Anti-Malware and Anti-X solutions
  • Voice-over IP integration
  • Virtualization



xH 61 MH 81 MH 110 M
AsusYes  Yes  Yes  
GygabyteYes  Yes  Yes  


x3rd Gen4th Gen6th Gen
Dual CoreYes  Yes  Yes  
i 3Yes  Yes  Yes  
i 5Yes  Yes  Yes  
i 7Yes  Yes  Yes  


2 GBYes     –
4 GBYes  Yes  


x1 TB2 TB
SeagatesYes  Yes  
WDYes  Yes  


Yes  Yes  Yes  


FrontechAPCI ballZebronics
Yes  Yes  Yes  


15.6 inchYes  Yes  
19 inchYes  Yes  Yes  Yes  
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